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Andrew Ledoan Rochester, New York (2010)


Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
415 EMCS Building (Mail Stop 6956)
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403-2598

Office 417F EMCS Building
Telephone +1 423 425 4019



General Information

From Drummondville, Québec to San José, California to Urbana, Illinois to Rochester, New York to Boston, Massachusetts to Chattanooga, Tennessee, I suppose this makes me someone with great wanderlust and a keen interest in exploration. J’ai une imagination débordante, tu le sais bien! I received the Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2007 under the direction of Professor Alexandru Zaharescu and have served on the faculties of the University of Rochester, Boston College, and The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where I am currently Associate Professor of Mathematics.


Area of Research

My area of research is in Number Theory. My favorite topics are L-functions, prime numbers, and Farey fractions. I work, also, in Probability Theory, most especially random polynomials.


Teaching Duties

I am dedicated to the goal of promoting significant learning experiences among my students. I love learning, teaching mathematics on various levels, and helping students. Currently, I am teaching

  • MATH 1960 (Calculus with Analytic Geometry II)

  • MATH 3510 (Introduction to Analysis I)

  • MATH 4995 (Departmental Thesis)

In the spring term of 2016, I will be teaching

  • MATH 1960 (Calculus with Analytic Geometry II)

  • MATH 4999/5910 (Mathematics of Finance)

  • MATH 4995 (Departmental Thesis)


Master's Students

  • Ashley Holcombe (May 2014)

  • Gentry Jones (December 2014)

  • Benjamin Kimsey (December 2014)


Undergraduate Students

  • Melissa Miller (Departmental Honors Thesis, May 2016)


Research Experiences for Undergraduates

In 2013 the department received generous financial support from the National Science Foundation to organize and set up a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site in Differential/Difference Equation Models and Number Theory for the academic years 2013-2015 (NSF Grant DMS-1261308).

REU Summer 2013. Nine undergraduate students came to the REU Summer 2013 program to learn to do research in mathematics. Of these students, I mentored

  • Kathryn Crosby (Oral Roberts University)

  • Jordan Eliseo (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

  • David Mazowiecki (William Paterson University)

and wrote a joint paper in analytic number theory. Kathryn is pursuing her Master’s in mathematics at Oklahoma State University, and Jordan works as Software Engineer at the International Business Machines Corporation.

REU Summer 2014. Of the nine undergraduate students who participated in the REU Summer 2014 program, I mentored

  • Katrina Ferrier (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

  • Micah Jackson (Georgia Southern University)

  • Dhir Patel (Rutgers University)

  • Huong Tran (Georgia Institute of Technology)

and coauthored a paper in probability theory. As a result, Dhir and Huong presented a 20 minute report talk at the Young Mathematicians Conference at The Ohio State University (August 22-24, 2014). Katrina presented a 20 minute talk at Western Kentucky University's 34th Annual Mathematics Symposium, a research poster at the Emory University-Laney Graduate School STEM Research and Career Symposium (March 25-27, 2015), and a research poster at the 7th Annual UTC Research Day (April 14, 2015). Katrina is pursing her actuarial career at Unum Group (Portland, Maine). Starting Fall 2015,

  • Micah will be pursuing his Ph.D. in statistics at the University of California at Irvine

  • Dhir will be pursuing his Ph.D. in mathematics at The Ohio State University

  • Huong will be pursuing his Ph.D. in mathematics at Duke University

REU Summer 2015. Of the six undergraduate students who joined the REU Summer 2015 program, I mentored

  • Ethan Addison (Vanderbilt University)

  • Spencer Smith (Southwest Baptist University)

  • Richard Vrandenburgh (Tennessee Technological University)

in probability theory.


Chattanooga Math Circle

I am working to bring the MAA American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) contests to Chattanooga:

  • AMC 8 (for students in grades 6, 7, and 8)

  • AMC 10/12 (for students in grades 9 and 10, and respectively, grades 11 and 12)

More information and resources on the AMC contests to come soon!


Dr. Byrd's Student Problem Competition

This is an ongoing competition for mathematics majors, mathematics minors and mathematics enthusiasts. A prize of $20.00 is awarded to the student who successfully solves

and provides the best correct solution with all assertions proved.


Travel and Meetings

You can find me presenting talks at the following meetings and conferences:

  • SERMON 2013 (SouthEastern Regional Meeting on Numbers), High Point University, High Point, North Carolina, April 13-14, 2013

  • INTEGERS 2013 (The Erdős Centennial Conference), University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia, October 24-27, 2013

  • REU 2014 (Combinatorics, Number Theory and Graph Theory), University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia, July 25, 2014 (additional information)

  • Mathematics Colloquium, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, April 17, 2015

  • REU 2015 (Combinatorics, Number Theory and Graph Theory), University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia, July 24, 2015


Links and Miscellany


‘And gladly wolde he lerne, and gladly teche.’ 
      Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales