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2013-2014 Members - Senate terms are listed in parentheses. (Lists of members from previous years can be found in the Archives.)

President: Deborah McAllister (SOE)

First Vice-President: Kay Cowan (SOE)

Second Vice-President: Gavin Townsend (ART)

Past President: Victoria Steinberg (MCLL)

Secretary: Charlene Simmons (COMM)



Adjunct: Madonna Kemp (2013-2014)

FT Non-Tenure Track: Kathy Winters (2013-2014)

Behavioral Sciences

Business Adm.

Engin. & Comp. Sci.

Fine Arts




Math and Sciences

Ex-Officio Members

  • Chancellor, Steven Angle

  • Provost, A. Jerald Ainsworth

  • Assoc. Provost, Acad., Jocelyn Sanders

  • Vice Chancellor, Adm., Richard Brown

  • Dean of Libraries, Theresa Liedtka

  • Vice Chancellor, Students, John Delaney