The UTC Faculty Senate

The organization and function of Faculty Senate is described in the Bylaws.

Next Faculty Senate Meeting: April 20, 2017

Next Full Faculty Meeting: April 25, 2017

Faculty Senate President

For more information: email Dr. Joanie Sompayrac at

(423) 425 4428 (Phone)

(423) 425 5255 (FAX)

Preface to Bylaws

In the summer of 2013 The Office of Academic Affairs of the UT system advised the UTC Senate to remove from the UTC Faculty Handbook text subject to frequent change.  The contents of chapter 2, covering faculty organization and governance, were of particular concern.  Moving the bulk of that chapter to a separate ‘’bylaws’’ document provides a big advantage: it removes the text from the need to be reviewed by the UT Board of Trustees.  A bylaws document can now be altered as necessary by the Senate, and go into immediate effect once approved by the provost and chancellor.  While the UT Board of Trustees reserves the right to review all official university paperwork, “bylaws’’ generated by the local campuses are not normally considered by that body. 



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