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Committee Chairs are required to submit yearly reports by April 1 to the President of the Faculty Senate, as stated in section 2.3.7 Section 2 under "Responsibilities of the Chair." The reports for the current academic year are posted on this page. For previous years, please visit the Archives.

2013-2014 Committee Reports (Committee Chairs are listed in parentheses.)

  • Academic Standards (White, Charles)
  • Admissions (Meyer, Gail)
  • Athletics (Prevost, Verbie)
  • Budget and Economic Status (Bonnal, Michael)
  • Classroom Technology (Stuckwisch, Matthew)
  • Committee on Committees (Cowan, Kay)
  • Contract Services (Matthews, John)
  • Curriculum Committee (Oglesby, Burch)
  • Departmental Honors (Wilkinson, Lane)
  • Faculty Administrative Relations (Dileepan, Parthasarati)
  • Faculty Handbook (Townsend, Gavin)
  • Faculty Development Grants (Ebiefung, Aniekan)
  • Faculty Rating of Administration (Wang, Ling Jun)
  • Faculty Research (Allen, Tatiana)
  • General Education (Jones, Rebecca)
  • Grade Appeals – (dean of college)
  • Graduate Council (Cunningham, Christopher)
  • Honor Court (Cox, Steven)
  • Integrated Studies (Sompayrac, Joanie)
  • Learning Support Services (Dale, Barry)
  • Mediation (Bradley, Janetta)
  • Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (Kemp, Madonna)
  • Petitions (Purkey, Lynn)
  • Scholarships (Cairns, Virginia)
  • Speakers and Special Events (Gailey, Elizabeth)
  • Student Media Board (Sachsman, David)
  • Student Rating of Faculty Instruction
  • Sustainability (Boykin, Sarah)
  • International Studies (ad hoc) (Wilferth, Joe)
  • TEDx (ad hoc) (Levine, David and Frost, Linda)