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The foundation of the English major is a comprehensive preparation in literary studies and writing.  The core courses in our undergraduate program direct students through historical, theoretical, and practical knowledge of the cultural and linguistic forces that continue to shape our society and the wide variety of texts—both literary and nonliterary in nature—it produces.  Likewise, our core curriculum prepares students for careful and systematic analysis of both literary and nonliterary texts.  The same philosophical approach to a core curriculum applies to our graduate programs as well.

The English major includes literature and writing (both professional and creative writing) tracks.  As a part of these programs of study, our students choose from a variety of elective courses in particular periods and specials topics. Our curriculum for undergraduate majors leads to baccalaureate degrees in literature, creative writing, and rhetoric & professional writing.  Descriptions of our BA programs are available under the course catalog that applies to you.  Search for English under the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Descriptions of our minors—in literature, writing, and creative writing—are available under the course catalog as well.  Once again, search for English under the College of Arts and Sciences.