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Profile photo of Dr. Rik Hunter
Dr. Rik Hunter
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Composition and Rhetoric, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010
  Holt 322

Dr. Hunter’s research interests include collaborative writing, digital rhetoric and literacies, fan studies, and theories of authorship and audience. He teaches courses in rhetoric and writing, digital literacies, professional writing, and visual rhetoric.

His work has appeared in Computers and Composition. He is currently working on the following projects: “Hypersocial-Interactive Writing: An Audience of Readers-as-Writers” accounts for reader and writer roles in meaning-making on wikis; “Teaching Writing with Google Apps” explores ways to increase teacher/student and student/collaborative practices regarding the use of Google Apps for Education in First-Year Writing courses; and a related project considers Google Apps for Education as an alternative to learning management systems such as Blackboard.

Among other jobs, Dr. Hunter has worked as an fisherman in Alaskan, and a Persia-Farsi “military intelligence voice and signal communications interceptor and analyst” in the U.S. Army.