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Natalie Roy
Communication Director
Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga
BA English and American Language and Literature (UTC), BA Mass Communication (UTC)


Career Accomplishments

Since Graduating, Natalie Roy has been a copywriter and editor for True North Custom Media, a PR & marketing director for Collier Construction, and an Internet marketing analyst for Full Media. She currently serves on the board of the Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga as the communication director. She will complete her two-year term in June of 2015.

Natalie's Thoughts on the UTC English Department

I always say that I think my studies in English and communication complemented each other very nicely. I don't think I could have gotten as much out of either one without the other. The English department offered a more traditional academic environment and helped me develop my critical thinking skills. Communication, on the other hand was more career-oriented and helped me fine-tune my writing to make it more concise.

Natalie's Advice to Students

I would just say that I encourage students to find internships! An English department internship program was developed in (I think) my last year in school, but I was required to do one for communication. The experience I gained in that time was truly invaluable. Not only did I build a relationship with a mentor who I admire and still keep in touch with today, but I also had the opportunity to see first-hand that my skills were valuable and could be put to use in a number of ways.