Young Southern Student Writers submissions



(CLOSED for 2016)


TEACHERS: By this point, your students should have e-mailed their submissions to you, and you should have combined all of your students' submissions into one file/document, i.e., one MS Word document, based on grade level and category.  For example, you should have combined all 7th grade poetry submissions in one file/document and all 7th grade prose submissions in another file/document.  On the first page of each file/document, include the following information


(CLOSED for 2016)

Teacher's Name: Mr. Ed Ucator
Teacher's School: Martha Washington Academy
Grade Level: Grade 7
Category: Poetry
# of Submissions: 18


Now send your files/documents to the appropriate e-mail address at attachments:


(CLOSED for 2016)


Prose Submissions

Poetry Submissions

(CLOSED for 2016)


Kindergarten - Grade 2 Prose


Kindergarten - Grade 2 Poetry


Grades 3-5 Prose


Grades 3-5 Poetry


Grades 6-8 Prose 


Grades 6-8 Poetry


Grades 9-12 Prose


Grades 9-12 Poetry