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Adjuncts are hired to teach specific classes for the department on a part-time basis. They are an integral part of our department, and we have the same expectations for excellence in teaching that we have for full time faculty. Expectations for adjuncts include the following:

  1. Prepare syllabi following UTC guidelines. 
  2. Select teaching materials which are appropriate to the course description.
  3. Select teaching materials that reflect current developments in English Studies.
  4. Teach courses in accordance with the syllabus.
  5. Specify in the syllabus a set of reasonable grading practices and follow them carefully.
  6. Meet classes as scheduled or, if it is necessary to be absent, notify the department head.
  7. Be available to meet with students outside of regular class hours as needed.
  8. Discuss with the department head and/or the director of composition student pedagogical concerns. 
  9. Attain satisfactory student/peer evaluations.  Students will do written evaluations of faculty at the end of each term.  The Director of Composition and/or the Department Head or Associate Department Head will observe at least one class session during the adjunct faculty member’s first year and will do additional observations as feasible.
  10. Follow departmental policies and procedures (see both Department Handbook and Department By-Laws), noting that some requirements apply specifically to fulltime faculty or tenure-track faculty while others apply to all faculty. For example, adjunct faculty are invited to attend any/all faculty meetings and departmental programs, but attendance is not required.


  1. Adjunct faculty, like all faculty, must submit a syllabus within the first week of classes. All syllabi submitted by composition faculty will be evaluated by the Director of Composition, and all other syllabi will be evaluated by the Department Head or Associated Department Head. Sample syllabi are available in the department office. Any problems will be addressed immediately
  2. Within the first year of an adjunct faculty member teaching for the department, the Director of Composition, the Department Head, or the Associate Department Head observe a class session and provide a written evaluation of the faculty member’s performance. If serious problems are observed, at least one additional observation (with positive results) will be required before the adjunct faculty member may be rehired. Observations for continuing adjuncts are conducted at least every other year.
  3. Both the Director of Composition and the Department Head review carefully all student evaluations of adjunct faculty who teach composition. Any problems/concerns are noted, and the Director of Composition meets with the faculty member to address these. Either the Department Head or the Associate Department Head review carefully all student evaluations of other adjunct faculty and meet with the faculty member to address any problems/concerns.