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Our Classes

Five levels of English proficiency are available. You will be tested to determine your level of English proficiency. Classes are offered in many areas: pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, conversation, grammar, reading comprehension, TOEFL preparation, and listening/speaking. A listening lab is available.

Our Activities

We have fun field trips to such places as Dollywood, Rock City, and the Biltmore Estate. Local field trips provide additional opportunity to practice English skills. All field trips are mandatory.

Student Cost Estimate for a 12 Week Term:

Tuition (non-refundable) $2,700.00
F-1 Student Mandatory Health Insurance and Wellness Fee $500.00
Living Expenses (approximate cost for housing, food, etc.) $3,000.00
Study Materials (approximate cost for books, etc.) $150.00
TOTAL $6,350.00


**Students must pay all fees before course registration is permitted.**

**Government scholarship sponsored students should arrange to have their scholarship payments sent to UTC Department 5255, 615 McCallie Avenue, Chattanooga TN 37403 before course registration is permitted.**

F-1 Students: For each additional dependent add $2,000For on campus housing reservations, please refer to the housing page.

Admission Requirements

To enroll send the following information:

  • Official diploma (with English translation) from your high school or university
  • An official bank statement showing at least the amount for at least one 12 week session (bank statements may not be copies or downloaded from the internet)
  • A deposit of $100. This money will be applied to tuition and is not refundable
  • A completed application form with all required signatures and information.
  • A clear copy of your passport
  • If currently in the US and attending a US school, adviser form must be submitted
  • Please complete the online application.

Completion of a 12 Week session at the ESL Institute:

At the end of each 12 week session, all students are given a certificate verifying that they have attended classes and completed assignments for that 12 week session only.  Specifically, the following information is given to students in their syllabus at the beginning of the session:

The ESL program offers five levels of study. Once the required TOEFL score is attained, students are no longer eligible for study in the ESL Institute at UTChattanooga.  Students may repeat level five only if they have not yet made the TOEFL score required by the University for the academic program for which they are applying:  500 for undergraduate studies and 550 for graduate studies. 

Certificate of Achievement: 

Attendance and completion of all assignments are required in order for you to receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the 12 week course.  Depending on your grades, completion of work, and attendance, your certificate will be printed with one of the following:

  • Student has successfully completed the English program (with gold seal)
  • Student has successfully completed the English program (no seal)
  • Student has completed the English program (no seal)
  • Student has attended the English program (no seal)
  • Student was enrolled in the English program (no seal)

Our Schedule

Our 12 week program is offered three times a year. Our schedule is Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (one hour for lunch). Classes meet for 20 hours each week and are taught by instructors who have Master's degrees in English or a related field.

****Contact the ESL Director, for information pertaining to short term offerings*****