Things To Know About Finding Scholarships


1)  You should never be required to pay a fee to apply for a scholarship
2)  You may have to complete an application, write an essay or submit a project to receive a scholarship
3)  Always complete applications for scholarships at your college (pay attention to deadlines!) and check with the department of your major to see if there are other available scholarships
4)  The Educational Opportunity Center has several books with a variety of scholarships which is open to all of our participants.  Call our office (423) 425-1702 for more information on availability.
5)  The Educational Opportunity Center also awards several UTC scholarships.  If you are a UTC student, or plan on transferring to UTC, call (423) 425-1702 if you haven't already completed one of our scholarship applications.



Various Scholarships
Shawn Carter Scholarship
Buick Scholarship
Super Scholar
Jackie Robinson Scholarship
Collegiate Inventors Competition
Scholarships for Minorities
Aid for Native American students
Aid for Hispanic students
Aid for Latino students
Aid for Asian Americans
Aid for African American students
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships
Gates Millennium Scholars
Scholarships for Nursing
Scholarship Database
Women’s Independence Scholarship Program
Scholarship Search Sites
High five Scholarships
College Greenlight