Elective Credit Policy

The participant, with Program Director/Advisor approval, will identify and successfully complete 24 credit hours of coursework in subject matter appropriate for the participant's chosen field of study. All electives must be approved by the Program Director/Advisor. 

During the core program of study, enrollment is limited to 6 graduate credit hours (core) due to the rigorous nature of the core program in addition to the participant’s professional practice, unless pre-approved by the Program Director/Advisor. The majority of participants begin elective coursework once the core program of study has been completed.

Minimum Elective Course Requirements:

  • Credits must be taken for graduate credit (5000-level or above) from a regionally accredited institution
  • Credits must be academic in nature (not internship, practicum, continuing education, etc.)
  • Credits must be assigned a letter grade of "B" or higher
  • Credits cannot have been used for a previous degree  
  • Credits must be approved by the Program Director/Advisor
  • Credits must be included on the Program of Study form

 Transfer Credit Policy:

  • Any transfer credits cannot exceed 15 graduate hours (5 courses) and are limited to elective credit
  • Any transfer credit requests for previous course work should be submitted to the Program Director/Advisor by the end of the first semester along with course syllabus(i) from the semester the course was taken. Previous transfer credits must have been taken within five years of entrance into the program
  • Any additional transfer credit must be approved in advance and requests must be accompanied by a course syllabus (the most recent version available, no more than one year old) and an official transcript must be submitted upon completion of approved courses

NOTE: All non-LEAD elective courses require Program Director/Advisor pre-approval.

Proposing an Individual Study Project (LEAD 7997)

  1. The participant will develop an idea for an individual project and in discussion with the Program Director/Advisor will determine an appropriate instructor with graduate faculty status who is willing to supervise the project. This should be completed at least 14 days prior to the start of the term.
  2. The participant will complete the Individual Studies Syllabus form in consultation with the Program Director/Advisor and the instructor (link: Individual Studies Syllabus).
  3. The participant will digitally sign the Individual Studies Syllabus form and forward to the instructor for review.
  4. The instructor will digitally sign the Individual Studies Syllabus form and forward to the Program Director/Advisor.
  5. The Individual Studies Syllabus form will be reviewed by the Program Director/Advisor. 
  6. Once approved by the Program Director/Advisor, the LEAD Program Office will submit the Individual Studies Syllabus form to the Records Office for processing. Online registration is not permitted for individual study projects due to the contract/syllabus requirement.
  7. The Program Office will send the participant and the instructor a registration confirmation notice via email.