Core Course Requirements

The core program is offered in the following prescribed sequence in which all doctoral participants are required to engage in doctoral course work as a cohort. The core program involves 30 credits in seven competency domains plus a minimum of 12 total credits of Dissertation research. The core program is offered via hybrid delivery, face to face meetings supplemented by online discussions and self-directed projects (link: Hybrid Delivery Model). Continuous enrollment is required throughout the core program (link: Maintaining Continuous Enrollment).

LEAD 7350 Research Methodologies (3 credits)  

LEAD 7400 Foundations of Human Learning Theories (3 credits) 

LEAD 7100 Leadership Theory & Transformation (3 credits)    

LEAD 7340 Statistics for Research Design & Analysis (3 credits) 

LEAD 7360 Research Design & Analysis (3 credits)

LEAD 7150 Diffusion of Innovation & Technology (3 credits) 

LEAD 7250 Organizational Theory, Development & Transformation (3 credits)    

LEAD 7500 Learning Models, Design & Communication (3 credits) 

LEAD 7610 Measurement, Evaluation & Assessment (3 credits)

LEAD 7700 Pre-Dissertation Seminar (3 credits) 

LEAD 7999 Dissertation (2-6 credits per semester; minimum of 12 total credits)

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