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Comprehensive Assessment

The Comprehensive Assessment represents the blueprint for the evaluation of progress in and completion of the doctoral program. The Comprehensive Assessment is a work-in-progress that is evidenced by the Digital Portfolio of demonstrated competence in seven areas including a detailed Critical Synthesis Paper (CSP). The presentation of the Digital Portfolio will serve as the Comprehensive Assessment in the program, prior to moving on to the dissertation. Consequently, it is imperative that each participant’s Digital Portfolio demonstrate evidence of competency which weaves theoretical understanding and fluency together with knowledge of and reflection on the seminal works (primary literature associated with the competency), specific experiential learning, best practices and practical application in each of the competency areas. The Digital Portfolio will evolve in quality and quantity during the program. Throughout the program, each participant in the program will review, with the program advisor, the progress being made and will revise and update the plan as needed.

The Learning and Leadership Doctoral Program is grounded in the following seven competency areas. Upon completion of the coursework, participants are expected to exhibit demonstrable competence in each area, as well as the ability to synthesize the connections between the seven domains.

An inquiring scholar of learning with working knowledge of theory and practice in

  • human learning and cognition

  • learning differences, organizational learning, and instructional strategies

  • adult (life-long) learning

An inquiring scholar of leadership with working knowledge of theory and practice in

  • the leadership process

  • transformation, change and human behavior

  • planning, critical thinking, decision-making

An inquiring scholar of research and an active researcher with

  • skills in reading and evaluating research

  • skills in conducting research

  • skills in reporting research

An inquiring scholar of measurement with working knowledge of theory and practice in

  • individual /organizational assessment strategy

  • performing assessment and evaluation

  • analyzing and using measurement, assessment, and evaluation data

An inquiring scholar of organizational effectiveness with working knowledge of theory and practice in

  • ethical behavior

  • foundations of organizational history and philosophy

  • current organizational transformation and emerging trends

An inquiring scholar and effective user of technology & innovation with working knowledge of theory and practice in

  • innovation and the relationship of innovation and technology

  • application of technology in learning and leadership

  • application of current technology and recognition of emerging trends

An inquiring scholar of communication with working knowledge of theory and practice in

  • human and organizational communication

  • active listening, effective negotiation, and presentation skills

  • appropriate and skillful use of verbal and written communication