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The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Safe Zone Program fosters a supportive environment for LGBTQQIA members of the campus community by providing education, resources and advocacy regarding gender and sexual diversities.


Safe Zones at UTC 


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Anderson Dee Dee Student Development
Arias Austin Dean of Students
Arnett James English
Averitt Emily Counseling and Personal Development
Badger Nancy Counseling and Personal Development
Banasiak Mayme Kay Mathematics
Bass Laura Center for Advisement
Beason Amber Financial Aid
Bell Bradley New Student and Family Program
Bell Debbie Honors College
Bennett Natalie Library
Blackhart Jeff Library
Boddie Ariel Records and Registration
Bolton April Campus Police
Boucher Will Campus Recreation
Brown Rick Housing and Residence Life
Butler Jaime Disability Resource Center
Cairns Virginia Library
Cantrell Chuck University Relations
Chase Shirleen Nursing
Chatzimanolis Stylianos Biological and Environmental Sciences
Copeland Dominique Undergraduate Admissions
Crane Alison Social Work
Crittenden Courtney Criminal Justice
Davis Amy Transfer Student Services
Dawson Gail College of Business
Dell Madison Academic Affairs
Denniston Terry Office of the Chancellor
Dowling Angela Office of the Chancellor
Drake Kelly Counseling and Personal Development
Duman Aubrey Dean of Students
Franklin Catharine History
Garner Faith Safety and Risk Management
George Rosite Dean of Students
Gholston Shirl Student Support Services
Griffin Kelly Office of the Provost
Grisham Stacie Center for Advisement
Grzesik Daniel Dean of Students
Hall Ryan Housing
Hamilton Craig Campus Police
Hargrave Katie Art
Harp Lindy Honors College
Hausler Erica Dean of Students
Heinlein Heather Mathematics
Henderson Tricia Counseling and Personal Development
Henderson Karen Theatre and Speech
Henkle Jennifer Student Development
Henry Jim Engineering
Hillman Irene Decosimo Success Center
Holcombe Jenny Nursing & Education
Hughes Alli Campus Recreation
Hyden Lindsay Campus Recreation
Jeffers Gaye Theatre
Jones S. Nicole Center for Advisement
Jorgensen Sara History
Kinane Steve Disability Resource Center
King Brittney Counseling and Personal Development
Kluesner Bryon Disability Resource Center
Knowles June University Center
Kuby William History
Labs Kristin International Programs Office
Lamb Jake Campus Recreation
Landis Claire Geology
Laseter Melissa Student Support Services
Leathers Laird Library
Mathis Tara Dean of Students
Matlock Martha Residence Life and Housing
Matthews June Student Health Services
McCullough Claire Computer Science and Engineering
McDaniel Brenda Psychology
McGee Deardra Center for Advisement
McGee Zack Campus Recreation
McGriff Aisha Walker Center
Meeks Catherine English
Mikelson Colleen Biology
Miles Lyn Sociology, Anthropology and Geography
Miller Jessica English
Murphy Cheryl Biological and Environmental Sciences
Musumeci Salvatore Honors College
Myers Jaime Library
Nalley Kristin Theatre & Speech
Napoleon Willkenia Student Health Services
Nice Cassandra Women's Center
O'Dea Greg Honors College gregory-o'
Oglesby Carol Student Health Services
Orr Nichole College of Business
Peacock Jessica Health and Human Performance
Pearlstein Robin Nursing
Perkins Marion Music
Peters Sara Women's Center
Potts Gretchen Integrated Studies, Chemistry
Purnell Kathy Social Work
Quinn Emily Disability Resource Center
Ragland Charlene Office of Equity and Diversity
Ralston Madison Dean of Students
Rayner Mary Beth College of Business
Rehm Mark Counseling and Personal Development
Reinhardt Greg Campus Recreation
Rigler Michelle Disability Resource Center
Rogers Brian Library
Rose Jay Counseling and Personal Development
Rowland Stephanie Office of the Chancellor
Runyon Carolyn Library carolyn-runyon@utc.edy
Rutherford Amy Disability Resource Center
Sample Val Housing
Samuel Bryan Office of Equity and Diversity
Sanford Terry Music
Satterfield Brooke Campus Recreation
Simmons Charlene Communications
Smiley Tyrone Housing
Stephanos Joanna Office of the Chancellor
Stockman Kelli Housing
Stokes Christopher Student Support Services
Tekulve Nicole Library
Thompson Emily Library
Thompson Michael History
Tolbert Rebecca Campus Police
Tyson Jill ESL Institute
Van Ness Shela Sociology, Anthropology and Geography
Vaughn Kristen Counseling and Personal Development
Ventura Abbie English
Vogel Christina Art
Walker Rebekah Honors College
Ward Mike Academic and Research Computing Services
Wensits Amy Dean of Students
Wheatley Kathleen Management
Whiteside Marjorie College of Business
Wiencke Paige Integrated Studies
Wilferth Joe College of Arts and Sciences, Dean's Office
Wilkinson Lane Library
Zuckerman Holly Disability Resource Center