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Fraternity & Sorority Life

The chapters listed below are active and in good standing with the institution.

Panhellenic Association | Interfraternity Council | National Pan-Hellenic Council 

Panhellenic Association

Governed by the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)

Connect with Panhellenic: | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Office of the Dean of Students Advisor: Aubrey Duman  

Nickname: ADPi
Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Charities
Colors: Azure Blue and White
Symbols: Diamond, Lion, Violet
Chapter Founded: May 21, 1926
National Founding Date: May 15, 1851, Macon, GA

President: Maggie McGuire
E-mail address:

Chapter Advisor: Jennifer Chaffin

Nickname: Chi O
Philanthropy: Make A Wish Foundation
Colors: Cardinal and Straw
Symbols: Owl, White Carnation
Chapter Founded: March 15, 1919
National Founding Date: April 5, 1895

President: Helen Hall
E-mail address:

Chapter Advisor: Anna Ballard

Nickname: DZ
Philanthropy: Starkey Hearing Foundation, Gallaudet University, the House Ear Institute, the Painted Turtle Campaign
Colors: Rose and Green
Symbols: Pink Rose, Diamond, Turtle, Roman Lamp
Chapter Founded: March 27, 2011
National Founding Date: October 24, 1902

President: Sheree Dennis
E-mail address:

Chapter Advisor: Mary Beth Dobbins

Nickname: Gamma Phi
Philanthropy: Girls On the Run, Camp Fire and Girl Guides of Canada
Colors: Brown and Mode
Symbols: Crescent Moon, Pink Carnation
Chapter Founded: November 2013
National Founding Date: November 11, 1874

President: Alaire Gage
E-mail Address:

Chapter Advisor: Katrina Gramelspacker

Nickname: KD
Philanthropy: Girls Scouts of America, Prevent Child Abuse America
Colors: Olive Green and Pearl White
Symbols: Teddy Bear, Nautilus Shell, Dagger, White Rose, and Katydid
Chapter Founded: February 23, 1945 (Recolonization: December 3, 1999)
National Founding Date: October 23, 1897

President: Taylor Farmer
E-mail address:

Chapter Advisor: Terra Hunt

Nickname: SK
Philanthropy: Alzheimer's Association
Colors: Maroon and Lavender
Symbols: Dove and Heart
Chapter Founded: February 10, 1991
National Founding Date: November 9, 1874

President: Kidman Puckett
E-mail Address:

Chapter Advisor: Tiffany Taylor-Gregory

Alpha Gamma Delta will join the UTC fraternity and sorority community in Fall 2016.

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Interfraternity Council

Governed by the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC)

Connect with IFC: | Facebook | Twitter

Office of the Dean of Students Advisor: Aubrey Duman 

Nickname: DU
Philanthropy: Global Service Initiative
Colors: Old Gold, Sapphire Blue
Symbols: Coat of Arms
Chapter Founded: April 11, 2010
Chapter Website:
National Founding Date: November 4, 1834

President: Dylan White
E-mail address:

Chapter Advisor: Bryon Kluesner 

Nickname: KA
Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy Association
Colors: Crimson and Old Gold
Symbols: Lion, Crimson Rose, Magnolia Blossom
Chapter Founded
National Founding Date: December 21, 1865

President: James Witkosky
E-mail address:

Chapter Advisor: Storm Wilson

Nickname: Kappa Sig
Philanthropy:Multiple Sclerosis Society
Colors: Scarlet, White, Emerald Green
Symbols: The Star and Crescent, Fraternity Crest, The Caduceus
Chapter Founded
National Founding Date: December 10, 1869

President: Austin Tyler
E-mail address:

Chapter Advisor: Brandon Abney

Nickname: Lambda Chi
Philanthropy: North American Food Drive, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Colors: Royal Purple, Kelly Green, and Old Gold
Symbols: Cross & Crescent
Chapter Founded
National Founding Date: November 2, 1909

President: Danny Staley
E-mail Address:

Chapter Advisor: Juan Moreno

Nickname: Phi Delt
Philanthropy: ALS Association
Symbols: ΦΔΘ
Chapter Founded: January 23, 1993
National Founding Date: December 26, 1848 

President: Kyle Shanks

Chapter Advisor: Roland Smith

Nickname: Pike

Philanthropy: Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life
Colors: Garnet and Old Gold
Symbols: Sabre and Key
Chapter Founded: Original - June 7, 1947, Rechartered - May 16, 1998
National Founding Date: March 1, 1868

President: Tyler Wright
E-mail Address:

Chapter Advisor: Bert Kaiser & Dylan Cortette

Philanthropy: T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital of Chattanooga & Children's Miracle Network
Colors: Blue and Old Gold
Symbols: The White Cross of Constantine
Chapter Founded: May 17, 1947
National Founding Date: June 28, 1855

President: Nick Powers

Chapter Advisor: Charles Goforth & Tricia Henderson 

Philanthropy: Helping Hand Initiative
Colors: Black, Gold, White
Symbols: White Rose, Crest
Chapter Founded: Colonizing Spring 2015
National Founding Date: January 1, 1869

President: Jonathan Moore
E-mail Address:

Colonization Contact: Jacob Rigsby

Chapter Advisor: Patrick Bobo

Philanthropy: SOS Children Village
Colors: Red, Black and Green
Chapter Founded: November 14, 2012; Colonizing at UTC
National Founding Date: August 16, 1996

President: Vivek Lakha
E-mail Address:

Chapter Advisor: Brittney King & Rajiv Mehta

Phi Gamma Delta - FIJI will join the UTC fraternity and sorority community in Spring 2016.

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National Pan-Hellenic Council

Governed by the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. 

Connect with NPHC: Twitter | Instagram

Office of the Dean of Students Advisor: Danny Grzesik

Nickname: Alphas
Philanthropy: Global Service Initiative
Colors: Old Gold, Black
Symbols: Coat of Arms
Chapter Founded
National Founding Date: December 4, 1906

President: Aaron Echols
E-mail address:

Chapter Advisor: AJ Garth

Nickname: AKA
Colors: Salmon Pink and Apple Green
Symbols: Lion, Crimson Rose, Magnolia Blossom
Chapter Founded: March 20, 1971
National Founding Date: March 20, 1971

President: Ashley Smith

Chapter Advisor: Rosemary Heard

Nickname: Nupe
Colors: Crimson and Cream
Symbols: Diamond
Chapter Founded
National Founding Date: January 5, 1911

President: Johnterrious Hall

Chapter Advisor: Marcus Mauldin

Nickname: Omegas
Colors: Royal Purple, and Old Gold
Chapter Founded: February 27, 1971
National Founding Date: November 17, 1911

President: Garred Miller
E-mail Address:

Chapter Advisor: Keither Perry

Nickname: Zetas
: March of Dimes
Symbols: White Dove and White Rose
Chapter Founded: June 16, 1971
National Founding Date: January 16, 1920

President: Ashley Epperson
E-mail address:

Chapter Advisor: MyChelle Pinkerton

Nickname: SGRho
Colors: Royal Blue and Gold
Chapter Founded: October 20, 1984
National Founding Date: November 12, 1922

President: Emily Cassetty
E-mail Address:

Chapter Advisor: PaTrice Banks

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