Why do we have a Counseling Center?

Feel free to contact us if you have a question! 

The Counseling and Personal Development Center is a place where students can go to receive services designed to help handle day-to-day challenges while encouraging their personal growth and development.  Services provided by the Center include personal, career, and academic counseling as well as crisis intervention.  Services are confidential and offered by professionally trained counselors.  Most services are free of charge, however, there is a minimal charge for testing.  Please call if you have any questions, or come by to see us.

The Counseling Center is a place where students can benefit from working with an experienced, non-judgemental helper in individual or group counseling.  New clients can come to the Center during walk-in hours from 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The initial assessment takes approximately 15 minutes.  Individuals coming for an intake session are seen on a first-come, first-served basis but the waiting is usually no longer than about 20 minutes. If you are unable to come during intake hours feel free to call for an appointment. Most importantly, our services are confidential and free, except for testing.

What Can I Expect Coming to the Counseling and Personal Development Center?

Students who come to the Center can expect during their initial session to be asked to describe your concerns and what you hope to gain from counseling. This first session is an opportunity for you and the counselor to decide whether the Counseling Center is the best place for you to help yourself. If you decide to continue to meet with the counselor you will set goals pertaining to the issues you choose to work on with the counselor

All students who come to the Center can expect to be treated with respect and compassion.  All services provided are confidential, with the only exception being certain circumstances. These circumstances include if you are a serious, immediate threat to yourself, others, or the university community. Also information you provide to the Center will not be included in your academic record, nor is it released to any other office or individual without your permission and signature on a written release form.

The Center also strives to provide quality services which are sensitive the needs of our diverse university.  The staff at the Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual identity, age, ability or other aspect of culture.  Staff has received culturally relevant and appropriate training to serve the diverse student body at the university.

Should I seek Counseling?

If you are struggling to decide whether you should come to the Center ask yourself these 20 questions.  If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may want to come and see us.

Do you have difficulty finding or sustaining a meaningful friendship or intimate relationship?

Are you having trouble getting over a relationship breakup?

Are you unsure about your college major?

Do you have family problems that preoccupy your thoughts?

Are you having troubles adjusting to college?

Are you receiving poor grades in your classes and you are not sure why?

Do you feel blue or out of sorts most of the time?

Do you have trouble falling asleep or do you wake up and have trouble falling back to sleep?

Do you have trouble concentrating or completing your homework?

Do you have racing thoughts, shallow breathing, rapid heartbeat or other sign of anxiety?

Do you feel anxious about a particular thing, such as a social function or public speaking?

Do you feel overwhelmed, get easily frustrated or irritated?

Do you feel stressed out, overextended, and are you having trouble coping?

Are you a survivor of abuse and does it still impact you?

Do you have trouble with your appetite (either eating too much or not enough?

Are you unhappy with your body image?

Do you use substances like alcohol, marijuana, etc. more than you think you should?

Do you use substances to "escape" your problems?

Have you had legal or relationship problems as a result of using substances?

Are you concerned about someone else's substance abuse?