Please note - Dual Enrollment has moved from Continuing Education to UTC Admissions.  Please contact Undergraduate Admissions at (423) 424.4662 for additional details. 

Dual Enrollment

Did you know that high school students with a 3.0 GPA can take college classes? UTC and many area high schools are working together to allow motivated juniors and seniors to begin their college careers while still in high school. This program allows students to complete some of their general education courses and have them count for both high school and college requirements.

Dual enrollment helps students by allowing them to get a head start on their college careers. In many cases, students can earn their college degrees with only about two more years of college. Additionally, it helps high school students make the transition to college courses.

Dual enrollment can also be seen as a money saving strategy as tuition costs are going up. By taking college courses now at this year's tuition, students will have more resources available during their college years.

Things to Know

A student must maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA for all postsecondary courses attempted under a dual enrollment program.  If the student fails to meet the GPA requirement then he/she is no longer part of the "Dual Enrollment Grant" program.  Therefore, he/she would never be eligible again.  This does NOT mean that a student can no longer take postsecondary classes, it just means that they may no longer take them while they are in high school. 

Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ)

  1. Who is eligible?  
  2. How do I apply? 
  3. What documents are needed for final approval? 
  4. How much does it cost? 
  5. Are Dual Enrollment students are eligible for the Dual Enrollment Grant from the State of Tennessee?
  6. How do I register for classes and what classes are available for Dual Enrollment students?


  1. Any student that has completed his sophomore year in high school and has a 3.0 GPA

  2. Go to and click on the Undergraduate Admission page and complete the online application marking Dual Enrollment and the appropriate semester you want to take classes. Be sure to be prepared to pay the application fee with a credit card before submitting or you will need to come to campus to pay this fee. Once your application is submitted you must contact by email or call 423-425-4155 to complete the process.

  3. 1). Your Official Transcript from the high school you are attending or from the umbrella organization you are under if you are home schooled,  2). An up-to-date, completed Immunization form that can be found at this link:  Immunization Form and turn it into Student Services located in the University Center, 3rd Floor.

  4. The fees for Dual Enrollment are the same as regular undergraduate college tuition fees. You can find these by going to
  5. After applying to UTC, go to the following website and complete the online registration to receive these funds. You will be eligible for $300 per class with a maximum of $600 per semester. After creating your account and password please keep these where you can find them as there is no forgotten password option at this site.

  6. After all paperwork has been turned in you will need to contact Ginny Reese at or at 423-425-4622 to get your pin number that is required for registration. You can take any freshman or sophomore level classes that are available and that you have the prerequisites to enroll.