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The College gathered on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at the Patten House for its  fourth annual faculty/staff awards day.


 UTC/CHEPS Outstanding Teaching/Advising Award

Valerie Rutledge and Kay Cowan  









Kay Cowan—presented by Valerie Rutledge  



 Jamie Harvey 








Jamie Harvey—presented and accepted by Betty McNulty in Dr. Harvey's absence 



UTC/CHEPS Outstanding Research/Scholarship Award

Tony Lease, Linda Hill and Cherry Guinn










Cherry Guinn—presented by Linda Hill



UTC/CHEPS Outstanding Service/Outreach Award 

 Pam Carter                                                                       










Pamala Carter—presented by Valerie Rutledge and                                     

accepted by Kay Cowan in Dr. Carter's absence



Martina Harris and Linda Hill










Martina Harris - presented by Linda Hill                              



UTC/CHEPS Outstanding Grantsmanship Award

Sarah Sandefur and Valerie Rutledge








Sarah Sandefur - presented by Valerie Rutledge



UTC/CHEPS Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Awards

Ethel Frese












Ethel Frese—presented and accepted by Randy Walker in Dr. Frese's absence


Melissa Smith-Vaughn, Tony Lease and Chris Smith









Melissa Smith-Vaughn—presented by Chris Smith


 jill weitz















Jill Weitz—presented by Dana Moody – accepted by Catherine Kendall


Betty McNulty and Joe Wiram









Joe Wiram—presented by Betty McNulty


Michael Sherr and Robert Zylstra









Robert Zylstra—presented by Michael Sherr



UTC/CHEPS Outstanding Clinical Partner/Instruction Award

Betty McNulty and Nicholas Boer









Nicholas Boer—presented by Betty McNulty


Cathie Smith and









Memorial North Shore Health Center – represented by Beverly Coulter - presented by Chris Smith


Troy Ketchum, Randy Walker and Jeremy Shook









Results Physiotherapy – represented by Troy Ketchum and Jeremy Shook - presented by Randy Walker



UTC/CHEPS Elizabeth Dalton Award

Larry Tillman and David Levine









David Levine—presented by Larry Tillman



UTC/CHEPS Stinnett Award

Chris Smith and Barbara Norwood









Barbara Norwood—presented by Chris Smith



UTC/CHEPS Outstanding Special Service Award

Tony Lease and Mary Tanner









Mary Tanner—presented by Tony Lease



SON Faculty Award

Chris Smith and Barbara Norwood









Barbara Norwoodpresented by Chris Smith



Center For Community Career Education

Volunteer Service Award

Kathleen Metcalf, Tony Lease and Belinda Brownle









Kathleen Metcalfpresented by Belinda Brownlee


Gail Shulimson Founder’s Award

Belinda Brownlee and Pamela Harrison









Pamela Harrison – presented by Belinda Brownlee



CHEPS Recent Retirees

Connie Cloud, SOE                                              

Peggy Creswell, SOE                                            

Holly Dieken, HHP                                               

Linda Kidd, HHP                                                 

Tony Lease, SOE                                                  

Kay Lindgren, SON                                              

Tom Patty, Challenger Center

Barbara Ponder, SON

Barbara Ray, SOE

Mary Tanner, SOE

Larry Tillman, PT

Liz Walker, HHP