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Work Force Development Center

The UTC CECS Workforce Development Center, 340 EMCS, was established in an effort to assist our students in gaining work experience and sharpening their interpersonal skills. In addition, the center helps provide opportunities that expose our students to leadership and community service activities to further broaden their experiential learning experience. The primary mission of the UTC CECS Workforce Development Center is to in ensure that all of our Engineering and Computer Science students are marketable when they graduate and enter the competitive global workforce.

One of the main focuses of the center is soliciting and advertising co-op and internship opportunities. Engineering and Computer Science students receive a variety of benefits by participating in co-op and internships with companies throughout Chattanooga and the surrounding areas. As expected, they gain invaluable work experience in industries such as electric power, carpet, manufacturing, automotive, and chemical processing before they graduate.  More importantly, our students have the opportunity to:

  • “field-test" their career choices and "fine tune" their career goals
  • work with professionals in their chosen field and begin building a professional network
  • gain exposure to new and exciting trends in industry or businesses
  • increase their marketability upon graduation
  • earn money that will help pay for college expenses

Some of the companies that have provided co-op and/or internship opportunities for our students in the past include Alstom Power, EPB, TVA, Miller Industries,  Komatsu, Shaw Industries, Worley Parsons and Volkswagen.

The center works closely with the UTC Career and Student Employment Center to provide our students with variety of comprehensive free resources. Students have the opportunity to participate in personal development trainings, interview prep sessions, resume clinics, career fairs, and business etiquette seminars.  We encourage our students to register with the placement office’s eRecruiting system.

To download example resume documents for Engineering or Computer Science students to use as guidelines in building their own resume, select the  appropriate option below: