The SimCenter - Center of Excellence in Applied Computational Science and Engineering is a center for integrated research and education whose primary goals are to establish next-generation technologies in computational modeling, simulation and design, to educate a new breed of interdisciplinary computational engineer who can solve a broad range of real-world engineering problems, and to provide consequent leadership and national impact in critical technology areas affecting defense, sustainable energy, environment, and health.

The SimCenter employs the new model it has pioneered for integrated research and education in a university setting.  This model emphasizes interdisciplinary team research encompassing engineering analysis and design applications, scientific computing, and mathematics of computation. Its integrated MS and PhD programs in computational engineering offer a unique educational environment in which students can participate in interdisciplinary team research, with opportunities for significant student interaction with multiple researchers.

The Ph.D. degree in computational science engineering offered through the UTC Graduate School of Computational Science and Engineering.  The SimCenter also participates in the UTC Center of Excellence for Applied Computational Science and Engineering, which sponsors faculty and students engaged in advanced research projects.

These transformational efforts are enabled by generous support from a group of Chattanooga supporters including the Benwood, Lyndhurst, and UC Foundations, as well as the UT System, Maclellan and Tucker Foundations, Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, and anonymous donors.

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