Because physics-based simulations of time-dependent, complex configurations generate multiple Gb of data, visualizations are generated from these data so that engineers and designers can better understand the physics that are being simulated.  Shown on this page are several such visualizations (also called animations) generated by SimCenter researchers.

Response of S175 Container Ship to Large Amplitude Incident WavesResponse of S175 Container Ship to Large Amplitude Incident Waves

Gulf of Mexico Shallow Water SimulationGulf of Mexico Shallow Water Simulation: Use of the shallow water equations to model a notional flooding surge in the Gulf of Mexico.

Yosemite Valley Topography SimulationYosemite Valley Topography Simulation: Simulation of flow through the Yosemite Valley with a 10 mph steady wind from the west.

Simulation of Liquid Tank SloshingSimulation of Liquid Tank Sloshing

Sequence of Splashing and Buoyant Cylinder Trajectory after Free Surface ImpactSequence of Splashing and Buoyant Cylinder Trajectory after Free Surface Impact  

CFD-Driven Agent-Based Modeling of a City EvacuationCFD-Driven Agent-Based Modeling of a City Evacuation

Algebraic Interpolation Method for Unstructured Deforming GridsAlgebraic Interpolation Method for Unstructured Deforming Grids

Unstructured Free Surface Capturing with Oblique Bow SeasUnstructured Free Surface Capturing with Oblique Bow Seas 

Rotor 37 Sliding Interface DemoDemonstration of the parallelized sliding interface for unstructured meshes as implemented in Tenasi. Geometry only.

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