CECS Laboratory Safety Manual

This document is subject to revision. Students, faculty, and staff who have questions regarding manual content and procedures are encouraged to contact Dr. Bradley Harris, CECS Hygiene Officer at Bradley-Harris@utc.edu or (423) 425-2209.


Laboratory Locations

Name Location
Interdisciplinary Computing for Biological and Biomedical Research SimCenter
Data Analytics Research SimCenter 103
Unmanned Systems Laboratory SimCenter 109
Soil Mechanics Laboratory EMCS 102
Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory EMCS 103
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory EMCS 105
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory EMCS 106
Freshman Engineering Studio EMCS 107
Simulation and Modeling Laboratory EMCS 108
Materials Laboratory EMCS 109
Hydraulics Drive Laboratory EMCS 110
Engineering Shops EMCS 111
Baja SAE and Automotive Projects EMCS 114
Chemical Engineering Laboratory EMCS 119
Chemical Engineering Laboratory EMCS 120
Concrete Laboratory EMCS 122
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory EMCS 123
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory EMCS 124
Interdisciplinary Design Laboratory EMCS 131
Engineering Research Laboratories EMCS 214
Engineering Management Distance Learning Laboratory EMCS 231
Strength of Materials Laboratory EMCS 236
Network Communications Laboratory EMCS 237
Electrical Communication Laboratory EMCS 303
Power Electronics Laboratory EMCS 304
Capstone Design Project Laboratory EMCS 305
EPB Electrical Circuits Laboratory EMCS 307
Electrical Power Systems Laboratory EMCS 308
Instrumentation Advanced Electronics Laboratory EMCS 310
Engineering Research and Projects Laboratory EMCS 317
Electrical Systems Laboratory EMCS 322
UTC InfoSec Laboratory EMCS 323
AGC Construction Laboratory EMCS 334
Microelectronics Laboratory EMCS 336
Robotics and Advanced Controls Research Laboratory EMCS 339
ETAP/TVA Power Simulation Laboratory EMCS 402
Maytag Engineering Graphics Communications Laboratory EMCS 403
SMART Grid Laboratory EMCS 406
Engineering Graphics Laboratory EMCS 423
Dupont Basic Engineering Science Lab EMCS 424
UTC SimCenter at Chattanooga Alternative Energy Laboratory 701 E. MLK Blvd.

Laboratory Safety Quiz Info for Faculty