The following list of examples of planned activities and uses of funding illustrate how the Center Plan will establish center cohesion and synergism that fosters innovation and fills gaps that would otherwise arise from multiple individual research grants that are driven by the diverse and shorter term needs of the sponsoring agencies.

Identify promising opportunities and provide funding to develop and demonstrate new or enhanced competitive research capabilities that can attract new research funding through collaboration with UTC faculty, UT System faculty, graduate students and external collaborators

  • Identify and pursue attractive opportunities for new research funding and develop winning proposals in these areas

  • Provide graduate research assistantships to students engaged in research integral to Center objectives

  • Provide part-time employment as research assistants for high-achieving undergraduate students who possess the capability to undertake graduate studies.

  • Provide seed funding to bridge gaps between the objectives of sponsored research grants and the activities required to enable technology transfer and other kinds of support for economic development in Tennessee

  • Identify and pursue appropriate opportunities to communicate the objective and accomplishments of the Center, to support future growth, breadth, strength and recognition for the Center

  • Travel required to accomplish Center objectives

The stated purpose of THEC Centers of Excellence is to build on the strength of the State's universities, expand the State's research base and increase its national and international stature and economic competitiveness to create a 'Center of Excellence'. The goals and activities mentioned above are in complete accord with this purpose, and the UTC initiatives already underway have made the fundamental enabling investments and have demonstrated the potential for a highly successful THEC Center of Excellence.