Solicitation for applications and white papers on research projects/activities for demonstration of capability and expanding areas of research from faculty are sought on an annual basis. The solicitation cycle will be as follows (FY 2017 only). The deadline will be 5:00 pm local time.

The submittal should be sent electronically to Dr. Joanne Romagni at and copied to Kim Sapp. Applicants will be notified electronically regarding receipt of their applications. Subsequent correspondence regarding funding status will be done electronically.*

FY 2017 Solicitation Cycle and Deadlines:

Request for Application and submission of white papers:


Submission Deadline:


Notice of Award:


Funding Available:


Funding Term:

Fiscal Year in which the award is made, up to one year. Projects not completed by June 30 will be required to submit a request to the Center's director for an extension of the period of performance.

* Awards are subject to the availability of funds. Successful grantees are REQUIRED to submit a quarterly progress report for continuation of funding. Progress reports should be sent electronically to Dr. Joanne Romagni at and copied to Kim Sapp.