Application Review Procedure
Criteria for Research Application Review
Budget Items
Award Information (Types)

Application Review Procedure

Completed applications and a white paper of no more than three (3) pages must be submitted by the above mentioned deadline to Dr. Joanne Romagni at and copied to Kim Sapp. The white paper should clearly identify the source of the expected external funding.

  • The applications will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility.

  • The applications will be provided for review to the CEACSE Review Panel.

  • The Review Panel will provide The CEACSE Director suggestions on the applications.

  • The CEACSE Director will make final award decisions from the applications.

  • Awards are subject to the availability of funds.

Criteria for Research Application Review

Applications for research funding support will be evaluated utilizing the following criteria. The applications will be reviewed as to whether the research activities/projects have a good potential to provide:

sustainable growth in research funding and excellence in science and engineering research,
leveraging external funding from new and/or existing funding sources,
promotion of regional economic development and economic competitiveness for Tennessee, and
an increase in national and international stature, and graduate education.
Additionally, the applications will be reviewed as to their likelihood of contributing to the scholarly merit in the field and provide a clear and complete statement of objectives, results, and outcomes.


The program is open to UTC instructors, tenure track and tenured faculty and support will be used to support faculty and/or graduate students in the performance of research in science and engineering.

Eligible Budget Items

  • Faculty salary and benefits

  • Graduate student stipends

  • Tuition (in special circumstances only)

  • Undergraduate hourly wages (in special circumstances only)

  • Travel to potential sponsors and professional society meetings

  • Post Doctoral Scholars

Award Information
Awards are subject to the availability of funds. Awards will normally cover up to 50% of the faculty salary and benefits (release time). Additionally, graduate student stipends for a PhD, or MS would be covered. In some cases, awards that exceed these amounts can be considered depending on the nature and extent of the external funding being sought. Special consideration will be given to matching research funding when this is desired or required by the funding agency.

Submission Requirements
Application: Applications must be signed by the applicant, department head, and dean of the college. Signature by the parties indicate the assumption of responsibility for expenses which exceed approved Center of Excellence funding level for each of the successful grantees.

Reporting: Successful grantees are REQUIRED to submit a quarterly progress report for continuation of funding. 

Final reports are due within 30 days of the end of the activity/project period.

External Proposals: Promised proposals to external new and existing funding sources must be submitted within 6 months of completion of the funding period. CEACSE should receive notification and a copy of the submission, within 30 days of submission.

The principal investigator on the CEACSE-funded activities/projects is responsible for notifying the Center concerning the outcome and results of externally submitted proposals.

Notifications should be sent to and copied to Kim Sapp.

Note: CEACSE funds are provided to support a grant or contract proposal to a funding agency. If the promised grant proposal is not submitted within the allotted time period, the faculty will not be eligible for future grants. If the appropriate final report is not submitted, the faculty will not be eligible for future grants. When the appropriate external grant proposal is submitted and/or final report is filed then the faculty member will become eligible for future grants. Only in very special circumstances, such as cancellation or delay of the procurement or Announcement of Opportunity or withdrawal of the expected Request for Proposal by the funding agency will be considered as grounds for waiving these requirements.