The activities and funding of the Center will be utilized to pursue goals and objectives that establish the necessary and on-going foundation from which to develop and earn recognition as a premier center of excellence for computational applications in the physical sciences with national and international stature. The objectives are:

  • to expand the demonstrated capability of the University in the area of Computational Science and Technology and to seed research activities that broaden and expand the Center's base of research expertise, thereby helping to attract new research funding and provide a suitable vehicle for graduate education.

  • to increase the participation of additional faculty,and graduate students in the Center's research efforts and where possible assist in the recruitment of new faculty and students to the University.

  • to engage in activities that are directly or indirectly supportive of economic development initiatives that benefit Tennessee, in particular activities that create collateral opportunities for new research.

  • to seek appropriate opportunities for educational outreach activities that a) help to create awareness and to stimulate interest in science and engineering among pre-college students, and b) help to stimulate interest in graduate study at UTC among undergraduate and graduate students.