The Center of Excellence establishes a broad mix of computational engineering competencies based on a shared computational technology base. This will help attract and support new technology generation and economic development within Tennessee. The Center would provide:

  • Highly educated graduates to help supply a high-technology work force skilled in computational technologies

  • Experts to provide an available computational technology knowledge base for new and existing businesses

  • Support for some specific targeted economic development opportunities and initiatives

  • Expansion of Tennessee's high-technology research base

  • Intellectual capital to invigorate the technology based industries of the State

  • Increased national and international stature and economic competitiveness.

The Center of Excellence in Applied Computational Science and Engineering will provide high-technology research and education that is strategically located in the center of the Tennessee Valley Corridor (TVC), which promises to be a rapidly growing area for new technology investment and job create (cf., The new program enables UTC to provide research and education contributions that are important to future economic development of the TVC region.