CEACSE Front CollageThe overall purpose of the Center of Excellence in Applied Computational Science is to establish a cohesive and expanding base of multidisciplinary research in applied computational science and engineering to produce sustained growth in research funding, excellence in integrated research and education, and increases in national and international stature and economic competitiveness for Tennessee.

Computational simulation is critically important for the analysis and design of future high technology products and systems in a competitive global marketplace. The future security and economic well being of our country will depend in part on an adequate supply of scientists and engineers who are highly skilled in the use of computers to solve important engineering problems using modeling and simulation.

This evolution is transforming the use of high technology by introducing computational simulation and design software that supplements experiments and testing to produce competitive advantages in critical areas such as price, time-to-market, life-cycle costs, and overhead. Although these benefits to industry are driving the changes in engineering practice, science education in the U.S. has not responded adequately to the challenge of providing graduates who are adequately prepared.

In view of the extensive use of computational methodologies in design by industry, there is a significant role for innovative programs of integrated research and graduate education (i.e., graduate research in an applications environment) that is distinct from traditional university research activity.

The use of computers to solve complex, large-scale, practical problems is a trend that will accelerate in years to come.

UTC has recognized that these prospects now offer a dramatic window of opportunity to provide the leadership in computational applications driven research and education needed for future competitiveness in the high-technology sector of the global economy. UTC has also positioned itself through past research and faculty additions to provide this leadership for Tennessee.