What is Computational Engineering?

Truck SimulationComputational Engineering is the solution of practical engineering/science analysis and design problems using physics-based computational models and supercomputer simulations.

How has Computational Engineering emerged as a new branch of Engineering?

Engineering is the creative application of physical and mathematical sciences to analyze, design, manufacture and utilize products which benefit people. Engineering problems have been solved historically using experimental testing and/or mathematical analysis. Many such problems can now be solved as computational simulations of mathematical models that represent the relevant physical phenomena arising in each problem.

Computational Engineering utilizes high-performance supercomputer simulations to solve engineering analysis and design problems, using computational models derived from any of the engineering disciplines.

Some examples of engineering problems are fluid flows and structural properties associated with aircraft, ships, submarines, automobiles, spacecraft, jet and rocket propulsion engines, buildings and other structures. Other examples relate to electrical power generation, weather, rivers and oceans, electrical equipment, computer hardware, radar, antennas, chemical reactions and processes, fuel cells, petroleum recovery and refining, agricultural and construction equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning, air and water pollution, energy conversion and storage, and many others.