Civil Engineering

Areas of Interest
Mechanics of materials; Road design and construction; Reinforced Concrete Design and Civil Engineering materials; Highway Engineering, Planning and Management

Dr. Onyango Joined UTC in January 2010, graduating for Kansas State University with a PhD in Civil Engineering majoring Transportation Engineering. She teaches Basic Engineering Science, Mechanics of Materials class and lab, Structural Analysis, Civil Engineering Materials class and lab, Pavement Design and Analysis. Her expertise is in pavement and materials. Currently she is working on four projects funded by TDOT and UTC CRISP Fund. The projects are: Cost-benefit analysis of porthole repairs on flexible pavements in Tennessee; Evaluating self-cleaning concrete; Retrace pavement markings retroreflectivity in Tennessee highways; and Optimize application of open graded friction courses (OGFC) in Tennessee. Dr. Onyango is collaborating with other UTC staff in Civil and Chemical engineering and Biology department, University of Tennessee Knoxville and Tennessee State University. 

Curriculum Vitae 
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