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Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering
(B.S.E.) Degree

The mission of the program for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering (B.S.E.) Degree is to provide accessible education in the theory and application of engineering in a supportive, interdisciplinary environment that

  • Prepares students for successful careers in industry, government, and academia
  • Emphasizes project-based design
  • Promotes life-long learning
  • Serves the engineering profession

Program Outcomes: Upon graduation from UTC BSE students will have demonstrated

  • the ability to apply fundamental knowledge in engineering sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer applications with programming
  • the ability to use engineering principles and modern engineering tools to identify, analyze, and solve engineering problems
  • the ability to design and conduct experiments, collect, analyze and interpret data, and use modern computer-based tools to evaluate problems
  • the ability to design systems, components, or processes using a structured design process
  • the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and to communicate effectively
  • understanding of professional ethics, the process of registration, and the need for and ability to engage in continuing professional education
  • knowledge of contemporary issues and the recognition of  the impact of engineering decisions within the global and societal context

Program Objectives:  As a part of the work force or the academic environment UTC BSE graduates will

  • Function as successful professionals in a variety of engineering disciplines
  • Function effectively in multidisciplinary environments
  • Adapt to various environments
  • Participate in further knowledge building opportunities
  • Are progressing toward Professional Registration