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A BSEE degree is comprised of 128 credit hours and can be earned in four years. The program is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

A reduced selection of freshman, sophomore, and junior courses is offered during the summer. Cooperative education is encouraged, though it extends the course of study. General education courses are required by the university. UTC has course transfer agreements with many regional community college, as indicated in the Transfer Equivalency Charts.

The table below presents a typical schedule. A description of each course can be found in the Undergraduate Course Catalog. The table indicates the prerequisites for each required course in the curriculum. A 'c' after the code (as in M1c) indicates that the listed course is a corequisite. A course with a code displayed in inverse print, such as CHEM 1110, indicates that the course is generally offered in both fall and spring semesters. Clicking on a course number brings up the course listings for the upcoming semester while clicking on the course title returns the catalog description. A list of all currently offered courses for spring, 2013, is available here.

Typical EE Schedule (2013 BSEE Curriculum)

  Fall Semester Prerequisites Hrs   Spring Semester Prerequisites Hrs
Freshman Year
  CHEM 1110/L Chemistry I/Lab   4 G2 ENGL 1020 Rhetoric & Comp. G1 3
G1 ENGL 1010 Rhetoric & Comp.   3 EG2 ENGR 1040 Statics M2c, EG1 3
EG0 ENGR 1011 Intro to Modeling   1 EG3 ENGR 1850 Intro. to Eng. Design M0c, EG0c 2
EG1 ENGR 1030/L Basic Eng/Lab M1c 4 M2 MATH 1920 Calculus II M1 3
M1 MATH 1950 Calculus w/ An. Geo. I   4 M3 MATH 2200 Elem. Linear Algebra M1 3
          General Education   3
Sophomore Year
EE0 ENEE 2700/L Elect. Circuits I/Lab M4c, P1c 4 EE2 ENEE 2720/L Elect. Circuits II/Lab EE0,M4,
  ENGL 2810 Technical Writing or
ENGL 2880 Professional Writing
G2 3 EE3 ENEE 2740 Digital Electronics EE0 3
EE1 ENEE 2250 Eng. Programming EG2, M4c 3 EG4 ENGR 2220 Prob. & Statistics M2 3
M4 MATH 2450 Diff. Equations M2, M3c 3   ENGR 2460 Mech. of Materials or
ENGR 2480 Dynamics
M2, EG2 3
P1 PHYS 2310/L Elect. & Magnet/Lab EG2, M2 4 M5 MATH 2550 Multivariable Calculus M2, M3 3
Junior Year
EE4 ENEE 3250 Signals & Systems EE2 3 EE8 ENEE 3770 Adv Electronics or
ENEE 4600 Power Electronics
EE2, EE5 3
EE5 ENEE 3720/L Analog Elect./Lab EE2 4  EE9 ENEE 3790Modern Control Syst. EE4 3
EE6 ENEE 3750 EM Fields and Waves


3  EE10 ENEE 4720 Power Systems Analysis EE7 3
EE7 ENEE 3800/L Elect. En. Conv./Lab EE2 4   ENGR 3050 Thermo-Fluids EG2, M5 3
  General Education   3   EE Lab. Elective   1
          General Education   3
Senior Year
 EE11 ENEE 4700 Microprocessor Apps. EE1, EE3,
3   ENEE 4500 EE Design Project EG5, EE9, EE11(c) 3
  ENEE 4750 Comm. Systems EE4, EG4 3   ENEE 4900 FE Review & Profess. EG5(c) 1
  ENEE 4790 Linear Ctrl & Drive Lab. EE7, EE9 1   Technical elective (*)   3
  EE Elective   3   ENEE 4800 Instrumentation EE1, EE4, EE5 3
EG5 ENGR 3850 Design Project I EE5 3   General Education   3
  General Education   3        


M0c: MATH 1720 Precalculus II
* One 3-hour 3000- or 4000-level engineering (ENGR, ENME, ENCE, ENCH, ENIE, ENNE, ENEV, or ENEE) or advisor-approved course.