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Our Mission

"To educate Electrical Engineering students for professional practice or further study, to contribute to the body of knowledge in Electrical Engineering education, and to create a supportive environment that enables students and faculty to achieve their best."

Our Program Educational Objectives

The Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) offers an undergraduate B.S.E.E. degree and a graduate M.S. degree. Strengths of the program include significant student-faculty interaction, strong engagement with local industry, and a hands-on laboratory focus. Total enrollment in the department now exceeds 140 students.

The objectives of the department are five-fold:

  • Our graduates will take their place as competent practitioners of electrical engineering, displaying the modern skills and knowledge of theoretical and practical engineering, including social and communication skills.

  • Our graduates will be active in professional societies, and will be progressing towards professional registration.

  • Our graduates will pursue continuing education and/or graduate studies, and will be proactive in mentoring novice or prospective engineers.

  • Our graduates will take responsibility for their work’s effect on domestic and global; environmental, safety, social and economic factors.

  • Our graduates will function effectively independently or in multi-disciplinary environments.