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Certificate in Computer Networking

Admission Requirements

Knowledge of Operating Systems and Systems Programming is required as demonstrated by the satisfactory completion of CPSC 251 and 351 or their equivalents. Individuals will be admitted to the Certificate in Internet Application Programming program if either:

  1. They have a bachelor's degree and significant related professional experience with Object Oriented programming and are approved by the Computer Science Graduate Coordinator, OR
  2. They meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School as stated in the Graduate Catalog, are admitted to the Computer Science M.S. program, and have satisfied all prerequisite courses assigned by the Computer Science Graduate Coordinator.

Course Requirements

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
CPSC 526 Client-Server Systems 3
CPSC 536 Computer Data Communications 3
CPSC 537 Internetworking 3
CPSC 595r Design project 2
  Total hours 11