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Computational Engineering, Ph.D.

Course Requirements

Doctoral students must complete a minimum of 72 hours beyond the bachelor’s degree, exclusive of credit for the master’s thesis. These hours must include a minimum of 24 semester hours in doctoral research and dissertation and a minimum of 48 semester hours in other courses. The courses must include:

  • A minimum of 24 semester hours of graduate coursework in engineering in courses numbered 5000 and above, with at least 12 of these in computational engineering. A minimum of 6 semester hours of courses is required at the 7000 level. These are exclusive of thesis or dissertation credit. The student’s supervisory committee can approve a student’s petition to replace one 7000-level course with one or more 5000-level course(s) that are more appropriate.
  • A minimum of 12 semester hours of coursework in mathematics or computer science in courses numbered 5000 and above exclusive of a first course in ordinary differential equations. 
  • There are multiple pathways toward accumulating the required coursework: a) all coursework may be performed at UTC, b) credit may be earned through coursework performed within the University of Tennessee system, c) credit is normally granted for up to 24 semester hours credited toward a master’s degree at another university, and d) transfer credit may be granted for courses applicable to the program of study and accepted for graduate credit at another university.

Core Requirements

The program of study must adequately address the following core requirements, with appropriate course content in each of three primary areas that are essential to computational engineering: 1) an engineering application area, 2)scientific supercomputing, and 3) mathematics of computation, as determined by the student’s supervisory committee and the Graduate Program Coordinator. Courses completed at the master’s level can be included to satisfy the core requirements. Required courses in the program of study can vary, based on each student’s background and goals. It is the responsibility of the student’s supervisory committee, with the approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator, to ensure the student’s adequate exposure to each area, which may involve completion of some undergraduate prerequisite courses.

The program of study must establish a primary applications focus, with additional coursework in both scientific supercomputing and mathematics of computation that logically relates to the applications focus. A Program of Study Form must be signed by the student, each committee member, and the Graduate Program Coordinator and then submitted to the UTC Graduate School for final approval. The student should file the Program of Study Form during the second semester of coursework and before completing 12 semester hours of coursework.

Typical Program of Study (scroll down to "Sample Program of Study")