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Application and Admission to the Program

The Computational Engineering program is interdisciplinary and open to qualified students with an undergraduate degree in engineering, physical sciences, mathematics, or computer science

Prospective students should have a strong background in science and mathematics, with a strong interest in engineering problem solving, and an aptitude for scientific computer programming.

Prior experience in computer programming is also expected, since core courses are project oriented and involve programming using a language such as C/C++ or FORTRAN.

Each program of study is tailored to reflect individual educational backgrounds and research goals.

All programs of study must incorporate preparation in each of three core areas of computational engineering. 

Prospective students should notify the Computational Engineering Program Director immediately upon becoming interested in the program. Application to the Graduate School and to the Program is made by following the application procedures of the UTC Graduate School (See How to Apply). International students should also visit International Student Services website for additional admissions related information.