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Why General Engineering?

Engineers have diverse and exciting careers.  Being diverse means that there is an engineering career opportunity for almost every industry – manufacturing and service.   Engineers especially contribute to their communities, countries and colleagues to improve lives.  And they work everywhere – offices, classrooms, factories, research labs, outdoors, and in the water!

The General Engineering degree (BSE) provides students with a degree in engineering that prepares students to work as an engineer in traditional settings or other settings such as medicine, law, business management, policy creation, community planning, and education.  The General Engineering degree provides students opportunities to apply engineering thinking and problem solving skills to a wide variety of applications – because engineering type problem solving is needed EVERYWHERE!

Engineers of all types are in demand.  We need more engineers to design roads, support hospitals, staff sustainability projects, modernize facilities and infrastructure, educate our young people, and much more.

Why General Engineering at UTC?

The General Engineering program at UTC provides accessible education in the theory and application of engineering in a supportive, interdisciplinary environment that emphasizes project-based design. The strength of UTC’s four-year General Engineering degree is its emphasis on breadth, interdisciplinary interaction, and design. The program builds on the general education and graduation requirements of the University. Every student completes a structured set of courses that form a foundation in written and oral communication, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering fundamentals. Special emphasis is placed on learning the basic tools and techniques of engineering. Interdisciplinary interaction is introduced and emphasized through interdisciplinary design projects, team experience, and laboratory exercises. Depth is provided during the last two years of the curriculum when the students focus on an area of engineering such as 

The engineering faculty is dedicated to fostering life-long learning among the engineering graduates. All faculty in the College of Engineering and Computer Science have the opportunity to teach the courses that support the General Engineering degree. The majority of the full-time engineering faculty are registered professional engineers and possess substantial industrial experience