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Civil and Chemical Engineering Department

It is the mission of UTC’s civil and chemical engineering department to provide students with

  • the knowledge and skills required for a wide range of careers and graduate study
  • to provide service to the profession in our region and beyond
  • to maintain a supportive environment that encourages our students and faculty to achieve

Program Objectives:
UTC’s civil and chemical engineering program produces graduates who, upon entering the work force or advanced studies:

  1. Have the ability to function as civil or chemical engineers
  2. Agree that UTC was conductive to their achieving
  3. Work effectively in multidisciplinary teams
  4. Are progressing toward professional registration
  5. Participate in professional societies
  6. Pursue graduate studies

Program Outcomes:
Prior to graduation, each graduate of UTC’s civil and chemical engineering program will demonstrate:

  1. A knowledge of science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering principles that are fundamental to the design and management of infrastructure.
  2. An ability to understand contemporary, societal, and global issues as it impacts the design and management of infrastructures.
  3. An ability to use engineering principles and modern engineering tools to identify, analyze, and solve technical problems in civil and chemical engineering including the appropriate use of computer technology
  4. An ability to function effectively in interdisciplinary teams and to communicate effectively through speaking and writing.
  5. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and a need for a commitment to life-long learning and participation in professional societies
  6. An ability to plan, conduct, analyze, and interpret and synthesize experimental results
  7. An ability to design major components or process in four of the major technical specialty areas of civil and chemical engineering.