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Registration Error Form 

(Note: Requires logging into an active UTC e-mail account first.)

Students who receive registration errors (excluding closed class messages) for open business classes should fill out this form.

Registration Error Form

For all other classes, contact the appropriate department.

Closed Business Classes

Students who would like to register for a closed class should place their name on the online automated waiting list by typing the CRN of the course in the registration field on the Register/Add/Drop screen of the Academics tab on MyMocsNet.  Students cannot add their name to a waiting list using the “checkbox” method. In the case that a waiting list is not available, the student should contact the department head of the course. 

Students may not place their name on a waiting list while registered in an alternate section of the same course.  Students must choose between registering for an open course or placing their name on the online automated waiting list. 

As a seat becomes available, the system will generate a closed class override for the first person on the waiting list.  Once an override is issued, the student has 48 hours to accept the override and update their registration through MyMocsNet, Academics tab, Register/Add/Drop link.  Students must type the CRN into the registration field and cannot update their registration for a closed class via the “checkbox” method.

Students who fail to accept an override within the 48 hour window, will be removed from the waiting list and an override will be issued to the next person on the waiting list.  Students should check their UTC email daily to ensure they do not miss the 48 hour window.  

Students should understand that waiting lists are not a guarantee of registering for a course.  The system will only issue an override if a student drops a course to create an open seat.  Once a waiting list is created, all open seats are reserved for students on the waiting list.

Students who require a specific course or section of a course for graduation or extenuating circumstances should contact the department head of the course AFTER the last day to pay fees for the semester.