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Career Development

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Work Closely with a Career Advisor from Day One! 

As a Freshman, you can learn about resources you have here at the COB Center for Career Development (and at the Career & Student Employment Center and Counseling & Career Planning Center in the University Center), get assessed to determine careers that fit you, receive advice on how to network strategically in your field, and begin discovering opportunities in your industry of study. Career exploration at an early stage involves exploring your unique interests, values, and working styles. UTC uses a variety of assessments to assist in your exploration. Want a sneak peek? Take a quick personality test here.

As a Sophomore, we can assist you in conducting company research, formulating a career plan, taking strides in professional development, and arranging informational interviews with targeted employers toward internships or job shadowing programs.

As a Junior, our partnership becomes deeper as we help develop your professional resume, teach you how to write tailored cover letters and perform mock interviews until you feel sufficiently prepared to impress. (By the mid point of you junior year, we highly suggest you seek internships in your field, as successful internship have a strong possibility of converting to employment upon graduation!)

If you have followed this career success plan throughout your college career at UTC's College of Business, as a Senior, your main responsibility will be exploring opportunities, acing interviews, and negotiating your way into an ideal position.

At the COB Center for Career Development, we'll be with you every step of the way!

Internships (Students & Employers)

Internships are a valuable part of the college experience.  This “on the job” experiential education allows students to explore a profession without the commitment of a career. 

An internship is an opportunity for students to receive valuable experience while achieving academic outcomes under the guidance of a business mentor who is experienced, knowledgeable, and capable of advising the student. Students reinforce their education by gaining real world practice, strengthening technical abilities, instilling ethical and collaborative behaviors, and building confidence while developing realistic expectations about the workforce domain. In exchange, the organization receives quality work from an academically prepared and business world ready UTC College of Business (COB) student trained to be professional, knowledgeable, communicative, and helpful.

The College of Business has the capability to apply academic credit to professional internships in many cases. If you are a College of Business student and are interested in applying credit toward an internship, please click here to get more info. If you are a business community member interested in hiring a College of Business student or graduate, please connect with us!