Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City

 Business & Culture in Vietnam

Spring 2015

  • INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Robert Dooley, Dean, UTC College Of Business                     
  • STUDY TRIP: March 5-14, 2014 (UTC's Spring Break)
  • COURSE MEETING TIMES: Study trip dates listed above and one Saturday before and after the trip. (Work in course done in March and April.)                     
  • CREDIT:                                                
    • Undergraduate Business Students- 3 credit-hour course (MGT 4999, CRN# 25832) that counts as a general business elective                           
    • Graduate Business Students- 3-credit hour course (MGT 5000, CRN# 25833) that counts as MBA or MAcc elective 
    • Students Outside of College of Business- Graduate students sign up for MGT 5000 (CRN# 25833) and undergraduate students sign up for MGT 4999 (CRN #25832). Check with your major advisor for more information about how this course could count towards your major or program's curriculum requirements. If your advisor or graduate coordinator needs a copy of the course syllabus, contact Elizabeth-Bell@utc.edu.                           



This course gives students an overview of doing business in Vietnam, one of the fastest growing emerging economies in Southeast Asia.   Students will learn about the unique opportunities and challenges of the business landscape in Vietnam, and experience firsthand the cultural and economic differences between Vietnam and U.S. business practices. The course will include lectures, case studies, guest lecturers at Vietnamese University, company visits, and cultural visits.  

Students completing this course will understand:

  • The drivers of economic growth in Vietnam and future challenges and opportunities
  • An appreciation of the impact of cultural differences on businesses practices
  • An understanding of Vietnamese markets, organizations, and social structures


PREREQUISITES (no prior business coursework required):

Undergraduate Students- 1) Open to any major with at least junior standing, 2) 2.5 minimum GPA                  

Graduates Students- 1) Open to graduate students in any UTC program, 2) 3.0 minimum GPA

BUSINESS , University, & CULTURAL TRIPS:                  

  • University visits to FPT University (formerly Hanoi School of Business) in Hanoi and Vietnam National University (VNU) in Ho Chi Minh
  • Company visits in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh
  • Cultural tours in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh
    • Hanoi Cultural Tour Highlights: Ho Chi Minh's Tomb, Hanoi National Museum
    • Ho Chi Minh Cultural Tour Highlights: The Imperial Palace, Ho Chi Minh War Museum, Bin Than Market and possibly Chu Chu Tunnels         

COST (approximate):

  • Program fee (estimated $1850-$2000)- covers lodging, breakfasts and lunches, local transportation, tour guide, tours and associated admission fees                     
  • Airfare- (estimated $1600-$2000 round-trip)                     
  • Cost of three-hour credit course (Because of the UTC tuition cap, if you are already scheduled to take 12 undergraduate hours or nine graduate hours in the spring, you wouldn’t have to pay for this course’s credit hours.)                     
  • Financial aid can be used to help pay these related course costs. In addition, eligible students may be able to apply for scholarships to assist with the cost of the course.                     


Thursday, March 5

Depart US for Vietnam

Friday, March 6 Arrive late in Hanoi, Vietnam
Saturday, March 7

Free time for group in Old City

Sunday, March 8 Cultural Tour of Hanoi- includes visits to Ho Chi Minh's tomb, the National Museum, etc.
Monday, March 9
  • Morning classes at Hanoi university
  • Afternoon company visits
Tuesday, March 10
  • Morning classes at Hanoi university or company visit
  • Depart for Ho Chi Minh early evening
Wednesday, March 11
  • Morning classes at Vietnam National University (VNU)
  • Afternoon company visits in Ho Chi Minh
Thursday, March 12
  • Morning classes at Vietnam National University (VNU)
  • Afternoon company visits in Ho Chi Minh
Friday, March 13 Ho Chi Minh Cultural Tour- includes visits to The Imperial Palace, Ho Chi Minh War Museum, Bin Than Market and possibly Chu Chu Tunnels
Saturday, March 14
  • Free time in Ho Chi Minh and departing for U.S. in evening



  • College of Business Graduate Programs Office- Elizabeth-Bell@utc.edu                      
  • Course instructor- Dr. Robert Dooley
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