(for students admitted Fall 2017 or later)


(for students admitted through Summer 2017)


MBA Curriculum (Beginning Fall 2017)

Students admitted to the MBA program fall 2017 or later, will be admitted to the MBA curriculum below. Students also will request admission to one of two paths (100% Online or Flexible MBA) and from up to five possible MBA concentrations.


Choose from Two Paths:

  • 100% Online MBA (Restricted to taking online courses only & are given registration priority in online classes.)
  • Flexible MBA (The option of all face-to-face courses or a mix of face-to-face and online course options.)


Choose from Up to Five Concentrations:

  • 100% Online MBA
    • General
    • Business Analytics
    • Finance
    • Healthcare Administration


  • Flexible MBA
    • General
    • Business Analytics
    • Finance
    • Healthcare Administration
    • Human Resources


MBA Curriculum (Beginning Fall 2017)

Background Prerequisites

  • Concepts in Economics (equivalent to undergraduate Macroeconomics & Microeconomics)
  • Business Statistics (equivalent to undergraduate Introductory Statistics or Business Statistics I)
  • Legal Environment of Business (equivalent to undergraduate Business Law or Legal Environment of Business)
  • Accounting (equivalent to undergraduate Principles of Accounting I: Financial Accounting) 

Students admitted to the program who lack academic experience in certain business foundation areas will be required to complete the online background modules listed above in order to gain needed competencies and prior to taking certain MBA courses.

-All background modules must be completed before more than six hours of MBA courses are completed.

-The online background modules are not for academic credit. Each module is designed to require 20 to 30 hours to complete. Assessments are required for successful completion of each module with the minimum score determined by faculty.

-Some or all of the background modules in which academic training has previously been completed may be waived based on a review of academic transcripts. Additional information including course syllabi may be required.

Core Courses (27 hours)

  • Accounting for Managers (ACC 5855/PMBA 5855)
  • Economics for Managers (ECON 5015/PMBA 5015)
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ETR 5855/PMBA 5855)
  • Financial Management (FIN 5820/PMBA 5820)
  • Information Technology for Business (MGT 5810/PMBA 5810)
  • Organizational Behavior & Leadership (MGT 5250/PMBA 5250)
  • Quantitative Decision Analysis for Business (MGT 5835/PMBA 5835)
  • Marketing Management (MKT 5860/PMBA 5860)

Capstone Course (3 hours)

  • Strategic Management (MGT 5870/PMBA 5870)

Elective Courses (9 hours)

  • 3 Elective Courses (to be approved by advisor)

MBA students must complete 9 hours of elective courses. Electives may be selected from any discipline within the College of Business for the General Concentration. MBA students admitted to the Business Analytics, Finance, Healthcare Administration, or Human Resources concentrations must complete electives in the area of concentration as noted below.


Elective Course Options:

  • General MBA

9 hours of advisor-approved elective credit hours from any graduate discipline within the UTC College of Business.

  • Business Analytics Concentration

The following 9 hours of electives are required (each course is worth 3-credit hours):

Prescriptive Analytics (MGT 5180/PMBA 5180)

Data Mining & Analytics (MGT 5190/PMBA 5190)

Advanced Data Analytics (MGT 5200/PMBA 5200)

  • Finance Concentration

9 hours of electives form the following are required (each course is worth 3-credit hours):

Financial Markets & Institutions (FIN 5180/PMBA 5180)

Advanced Financial Management (FIN 5400/PMBA 5400)

Investments (FIN 5460/PMBA 5460)

International Financial Management (FIN 5760/PMBA 5760)

  • Human Resources Concentration (Available through the MBA Flexible program option but not the 100% Online MBA program option)

The following 9 hours of electives are required (each course is worth 3-credit hours):

Employee & Labor Relations (MGT 5280)

EEO & Risk Management (MGT 5290)

Strategic Human Capital Management (MGT 5310)

  • Healthcare Administration Concentration

The following 9 hours of electives are required (each course is worth 3-credit hours):

Essentials of Health Systems Administration (BUS 7030/PMBA 7030)

Leadership in Complex Healthcare Systems (BUS 7050/PMBA 7050)

Healthcare Policy and Economics (BUS 7060/PMBA 7060)


NOTE: Students admitted to the 100% Online MBA program option will take the courses in the curriculum with PMBA department prefix. Flexible MBA program students will take the courses with the ACC, BUS, ECON, FIN, MKT, & MGT department prefixes.



MBA Curriculum (Through Summer 2017)

Students admitted to the MBA program through Summer 2017 are admitted to the curriculum below.

Background Prerequisites* 

  • ECON 5010 - Concepts in Economics (Equivalent to undergraduate Microeconomics and Macroeconomics)
  • MGT 5710 - Business Statistics (Equivalent to undergraduate Business Statistics I & II)
  • ACC 5720 - Foundations of Accounting (Equivalent undergraduate Principles of Accounting I & II)
  • BUS 5730 - Legal Environment and Ethics (Equivalent to undergraduate Legal Environment of Business)

If students enter the MBA program without the necessary undergraduate business course prerequisites, they will have one or more of the 12 hours of coursework above added to their MBA program requirements. As a result, applicants don't need to take the MBA prerequisites on the undergraduate level before applying for or beginning the MBA program.

Note: MBA background course are prerequisites to the MBA program and cannot be used toward MBA or MAcc elective requirements.

Core Courses (18 hours)

  • MGT 5810 Management of Information Systems (can substitute BACC 536)
  • FIN 5820 Financial Management
  • MGT 5830 Production and Operations Management
  • MGT 5840 Management Skills
  • ACC 5850 Managerial Accounting
  • MKT 5860 Marketing Management

Elective Courses (12 hours)

  • 4 Elective Courses (to be approved by adviser)

Capstone Courses** (6 hours)

  • MGT 5870 Strategic Management
  • ETR 5880 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

Please see the current graduate catalog for descriptions and prerequisite requirements of all classes listed above.

* Only prior coursework is considered in the waiving of the above courses. In order for the courses to be waived, students must have earned a C or better from an AACSB accredited school and a B or better from a non-AACSB accredited school.

** Capstone courses must be completed during the final 9 hours of coursework and all six MBA core classes are prerequisites for them.