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MAcc Curriculum

There are 33 hours of background courses, 18 hours of core courses, and 12 hours of elective courses. Some or all of the background courses may be waived with proof of previous coursework. You may finish coursework for the MAcc degree with a minimum of 30 hours or a maximum of 63 hours.

Background Courses (33 hours)

Accounting Courses*

ACC 3000 - Intermediate Accounting I 
ACC 3010 - Intermediate Accounting II 
ACC 3020 - Intermediate Accounting III 
ACC 3050 - Managerial Cost Accounting 
ACC 3070 - Federal Tax Accounting 
ACC 4050 - Auditing 
ACC 4080 - Accounting Information Systems

Business Courses*

ECON 5010 - Concepts in Economics (Equivalent to undergraduate Microeconomics and Macroeconomics)
MGT 5710 - Business Statistics (Equivalent to undergraduate Business Statistics I & II)
ACC 5720 - Foundations of Accounting (Equivalent undergraduate Principles of Accounting I & II)
BUS 5730 - Legal Environment and Ethics (Equivalent to undergraduate Legal Environment of Business)

Core Courses (18 hours)

ACC 5310 - Advanced Managerial Accounting & Control 
ACC 5360 - Accounting Information Systems 
ACC 5420 - Tax Research and Advanced Tax Topics
ACC 5470 - Financial Accounting Theory & Issues 
ACC 5520 - Advanced Auditing
ACC 5890 - Accounting Policy

Elective Courses (12 hours)

All students are required to take four electives (12 hours). Electives provide an opportunity for MAcc students to study areas outside of accounting.  However, one of the four courses must be an accounting course (typically Taxation of Corporations and Partnership if the student did not take the class at the undergraduate level).  The students may select the remaining electives from the areas of finance, marketing, or management. The offering of electives is determined by student demand. Electives are chosen in consultation with and approved by the UTC MAcc adviser.

*Only prior coursework is considered in the waiving of the above courses. In order for the courses to be waived, students must have earned a C or better from an AACSB accredited school and a B or better from a non-AACSB accredited school.