Master of Accountancy

Executive Master of Business Administration


Master of Accountancy Testimonials

"After graduation from UTC I had the groundwork to think through issues and problems to find solutions. UTC taught me much more than just basic accounting knowledge."


"I received my degree from a small liberal arts college and then took accounting and finance classes at UTC in order to change careers. I was taught by first-rate professors whose doors were open to students all day because of their commitment to teaching and students. UTC helped me to succeed in three major ways: contacts, knowledge, and communication skills."


"UTC helped me to achieve success in my career through professors that introduced me to the world of resources available to us all while also encouraging me to think for myself."


"The accounting professors at UTC taught me more than accounting. They showed me how to position myself to have opportunities. UTC has helped me to succeed in my career by providing a foundation of technical, collaborative and personal skills on which to build professionally and personally."


"UTC's commitment to excellence is best exemplified by the outstanding professors at the College of Business.  My experience in working closely with these professors was pivotal in my success during my time in school and has paid dividends in my professional career."


Executive MBA Testimonials

"I found the program intellectually challenging and stimulating. Having a science background I dreaded taking the non-science classes like accounting, and business law. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the professors presented the subject matter. At the end of the program I had a greater appreciation for these classes."  -Bob Ddamulira '11, W.F. Taylor


“The Executive MBA at UTC will change the way you think about business.  Not only does it equip you with the necessary tools to manage at the executive level, it also provides insight for how to be a truly effective leader, not just a manager...Attending the Executive MBA program at UTC was like receiving a $100,000 education for only $40,000.  It was a phenomenal 16-month experience!”  -Justin Porter '11, General Electric    


"UTC's Executive MBA program provided me with an outstanding educational experience. The entire process, from application, admissions, and ultimately graduation, was well organized allowing me to focus my energy on maximizing the benefits of the program. I was able to learn from top notch professors with real world experience and the cohort based environment facilitated excellent conversation surrounding current issues and differing viewpoints. The program has enlightened me on many levels, and I have transitioned into a more effective leader because of it."  -Adam Wolcott '11, CPD, Inc.  


“This is a great program that I found to be both enriching and rewarding.  Not only has this energized me and my career, it has given me a great group of new friends who are also up and coming leaders in the Chattanooga area.”  -Mark Palmer '10, Tennessee Valley Authority  


"It was an intense and fulfilling 16 months.  My professors and peers helped me transform knowledge into personal and professional growth. The UTC EMBA program exceeded all my expectations."  -Fred Wiechmann '10, PlayCore      


“The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s Executive MBA program from start to finish is an extremely polished program, which combined current business topics with an outstanding traditional education.”  -Allan Witt '10


"I really felt like I was a part of the most prestigious program on campus.  We were certainly taken care of like true executives."  -Keith Johnson '10, BlueCross BlueShield 


"As I look back on this program I am amazed at how much we have grown and matured in our learning, our outlook, and our perception of our potential in the vast global world that we live in...Even more amazing is how what we have learned will impact us for decades.  In addition to the educational impact lies the personal impact the professors and our cohort will have on our lives."  -Tahnika Rodriguez '08, Tennessee Valley Authority 


"The structure and design of the EMBA program offered me a top level education while granting me the ability to understand and manage complex managerial and financial issues within a domestic and global setting. The completion of my MBA is one of my greatest personal achievements that will pay dividends for years to come."  -Robert McAfee '08, The Lenox Group, LLC


"The EMBA program at UTC provided me with the opportunity to learn from a group of professors and peers, each with a diverse background.  The experience has further enhanced me both professionally and personally by giving complete knowledge of all functions of business and a group of people who I can lean on for support. The experience was invaluable and I recommend it to anyone interested in taking on the challenge, the reward is well worth it!"  -David Terakedis '07, International Automotive Components, NA


"I had frequently heard statements like "they just don't not know what they don't know".  It was a quaint phrase; easily dismissed with a smile. The UTC EMBA program changed that for me - now it carries an unsettling undertone of seriousness. The program brought me new awareness of business issues, concepts, and tools that I had not been applying. Overall strategy and tactical planning, marketing, entrepreneurial processes, financing, managerial accounting and metrics, and powerful tools like IS and statistics. I had survived so far by luck - lucky that my competitors did not know what I did not know. Thanks to UTC I am now tremendously better equipped to compete - and my competitors are not so lucky anymore."  -David L. Witt '07, President, ALCON Systems, Inc.


"Deciding to apply for the UTC EMBA program was a very tough decision for me, it was one that I have never regretted. The combination of reading text books, listening to lectures, and discussing issues with top professors and fellow students made my EMBA experience challenging, enjoyable, and extremely rewarding. The class discussions were not just theory as when I was getting my undergraduate degree; they were issues that I deal with every day. I made friends that I still talk to about business issues that I face in my job. Based on conversations with friends and colleagues who have attended other EMBA programs in this area, the UTC program is unmatched in the quality education and experience. "  -John Rymer '00, Senior Manager, Treasury Management, Tennessee Valley Authority