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Academics and investment professionals will be joining together to discuss the concept of Risk Management post financial crisis in the context of Behavioral Finance.

Key Note Speaker:

John Coates

Dr. John M. Coates

Renowned Author and Senior Research Fellow in Neuroscience and Finance at Cambridge University.  A former trader for Goldman Sachs and Deutche Bank, Dr. Coates now researches the biology of risk taking and stress.

Guest Speakers:

Denise Shull

Denise Shull

Author, Neuroeconomist, and Veteran Trader, Founder of ReThink Group

Renée Haugerud

Renée Haugerud

Founder, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Principal of Galtere, Ltd.

Camille Asaro

Michael Keough

Managing Partner and CIO Racon Capital Partners

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly

Founder of Brian Kelly Capital and regular Contributor to CNBC and Fast Money

Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen Kelley

Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Queen Anne's Gate Capital Management

LouAnn Lofton

LouAnn Lofton

Author of "Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl: And Why You Should, Too"

Jennifer Fan

Jennifer Fan

CIO of Arbalet Capital Partners

Jennifer Fan

Meredith Jones

Director at Rothstein Kass





Jennifer Fan

 Erin Cressy, PhD

President of Cressy Consulting





Jennifer Fan

 Richard Lehman

Principal of RHL Capital LLC, and the founder of the International Forum for Behavioral Finance and Economics







Speaker's Books

Many of our speakers are published. Their books may be available for purchase at the Symposium.



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Presented by the 
Galtere Institute: Finance for the Future Initiative

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

College of Business