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Fall 2014 Seminar Schedule

*All seminars are held in Grote 411 at 3 p.m., unless otherwise indicated.

Following the seminar, the speaker will be available for comments and questions.




September 12, 2014

Mike Morris - Spectrecology

 Fiber Optic Sensors and Kidney Stones -- pO2 and NADH

September 19, 2014 

Kelmara Kelly - Eastman


September 26, 2014 

Han Jung Park - UTC


October 10, 2014

Zheng Wang - Vanderbilt University


November 21, 2014 

Elon Ison - North Carolina State University 




Michael Morris, Spectrecology LLC, "Fiber Optic Sensors and Kidney Stones -- pO2 and NADH"

Optical fibers provide a means to make measurements in vivo, in situ and in cognito. Measurement modalities include absorbance, scattering, reflection, fluorescence. The optical properties of the fibers play an important role in defining the measurements as do the sources of light and the detection schemes.

Examples of sensors and measurement modalities we have developed at Ocean Optics and Spectrecology will be described. The technical challenges interpreting the signal, calibrating the sensor and designing for manufacturability will be examined for our new kidney nephrostomy sensors for O2 and NADH in urine.