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Full Missions

 Mission Price: $500


Full Mission is a 2 hour simulation that includes Mission Control, being launched into space, and conducting research in the Space Lab. There are 3 full mission scenarios: Rendezvous with Comet Halley, Voyage to Mars, and Return to the Moon.

  • Maximum 34 participants
  • 5th grade reading level required.
  • Mission preparation materials included.


rendezvous with a cometRendezvous With Comet Halley: It is the year 2061. The space craft is moving towards Halley's Comet which made its last closest encounter to Earth in 1986, not returning for another 76 years. The crew has two hours to rendezvous with the comet and launch a scientific probe towards the comet in order to gain scientific information about the comet.

Comet Mission Prep Packet including Activities


return to the moonReturn To The Moon: In this mission, our crew strives to achieve the first lunar landing since 1972 with the ultimate goal of establishing a permanent lunar base that will serve as a staging area for further solar system exploration. As the crew moves toward our closest neighbor, they will capture a probe containing lunar samples to study. While reconfiguring the probe to become an equipment module, best locations are ultimately made for Moon habitability. A complete team effort is required for the ultimate challenge - a safe and successful lunar landing.

Moon Mission Prep Packet including Activities


voyage to mars


Voyage To Mars: Our voyage begins in the year 2076 with a relief crew in route to the Red Planet. The mission: to relieve the existing Mars Crew that has manned Mars Control for the past 2 years and launch a probe to one of the Martian moons.

Mars Mission Prep Packet including Activities