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General Attributes of Distance Education Courses and Programs of Study

  • Academic departments/programs should demonstrate that there is ample demand for the course(s) to justify the development of the distance education coursework.
  • Academic departments/programs should demonstrate their resolve to provide sustained support for a program of study to ensure that students can complete the program (e.g., major, minor, certificate, general education).
    • Students will receive appropriate and effective advisement
    • Faculty will participate in regular training regarding the appropriate and effective design and implementation of distance education courses

  • Distance education courses and programs of study should meet the following criteria:
    • Fit within the mission of the University and the academic departments and programs offering the course.
    • Remain cost effective
    • Be an appropriate learning environment for the characteristics of the students likely to enroll in the courses
  • Academic departments/programs will be responsible for selecting courses and programs of study to be classified as distance learning, and whether the courses and programs of study will also be provided on-campus.
  • Academic department/programs will retain responsibility for and control of
    • Course content
    • Faculty selection
    • Admission if required of the program of study
    • Other matters related to the academic quality of the courses
  • Degree requirements for distance learning programs of study will be consistent with those for comparable on-campus programs.
  • Students may use distance learning courses to fulfill the completion of degree requirements and to satisfy the University’s residency requirements if approved by program. Policy may change depending on who is allowed to enroll in the Distance Campus.
  • Admission policies for distance learning courses and programs of study will be consistent with those for similar on-campus programs as specified in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. Enrollment eligibility for individual courses will reflect published requirements of the academic department or program (e.g., academic prerequisites and technology requirements).
  • The size of distance education classes should be consistent with the demands of the course, instructional strategies, the objectives of the course, and the available resources.