Tutor.com at UTC

UTC is excited to pilot a new 24/7 online tutoring service provided by Tutor.com. As long as you have access to the Internet, you will have access to a tutor when and where you need one for Free. 

Tutor.com connects you with expert online tutors who can help you with your coursework. 

To get connected to a live tutor, go to www.tutor.com/utc


The following courses are part of our pilot process:

BIOL 1100 Principles of Biology I

BIOL 2060 Functional Human Anatomy

BIOL 2080 Human Physiology

CHEM 1100 General Chemistry I

CPSC 1100 Fundamentals of Computer Science

CPSC 1110 Data Structures and Program Design

FREN 1010 Elementary French I

FREN 2120 Intermediate French for Conversation II

PANM 2050 Introduction to Statistics for Public Administration and Nonprofit Management

PHYS 1030 General Physics: Mechanics and Heat

PHYS 1040 General Physics: Electromagnetism and Optics

MATH 1010 Mathematics in our Modern World

MATH 1130 College Algebra

MATH 2100 Introductory Statistics

MATH 3100 Applied Statistics

PSY 2010 Research Methodology: Introductory Statistics in Psychology

SPAN 1010 Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 1020 Elementary Spanish II

SPAN 2120 Intermediate Spanish for Conversation II

SPAN 2130 Intermediate Spanish for Reading I

SOC 1510 Introduction to Sociology


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